Our Hours
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
  noon to 6pm

  We also offer NM Craft Beers. 
  Come in and See our Selection.


***  NOTICE  ***

Starting May 1st 2020
La Esperanza Vineyard and Winery
will be open for curbside pickup
from Noon to 6pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Call in advance to place order and schedule pickup
505-259-9523 or 505-238-6252

Wine Menu

Chardonnay (dry)
solid, steely, fruitlike, and crisp  $20

Golden Muscat (semi-sweet)
its mystique ripe fruity personality, culminates with ample boldness, finishes with a silky semi-sweetness     

Malavasia Bianca
(very sweet)
aromas and flavors of honey and ripe Bosc pears    $19

Malvasia Bianca
medium bodied with light tannins and hints of vanilla, a tropical fruit basket  $18

medium bodied, flavorful with dark aromatic red fruits, earthy, and rustic  $22

Pinot Noir 
delicate lighter body, with a hint of sweet red berries and plums  $21

full bodied with a spicy or peppery taste, flavors of cherry, chocolate, and licorice

Merlot (very dry)
rich fruity flavor, backed by black cherry and cinnamon aromas weave smooth and supple for a light oak finish      $18

Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)
a full-bodied wine with flavors of black currants and cassis, a strong tannic finish     

Born in Space (semi sweet)
an aroma of strawberry and cherry, a light, crisp semi-sweet natural rose'   $19

chocolate and spice with a hint of oak, finishes with a sweet cherry flavor  

Zinfandel (very dry)
full bodied, with a smokey aroma and ripe raspberry flavor $17

Dolcetto (sweet - Port like taste)
A dessert wine with a delightful fruitiness reminiscent of a port $19


    We also carry New Mexico Craft Beer  for $5 each

Brown Ale, Cherry Wheat, Desert Pilsner, IPA, and Pecan

These beers will also be available for curbside pickup.

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