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             We offer NM Craft Beers. 
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Wine Tasting Menu
(no experience necessary)

Glass of wine $6.00

Chardonnay (dry)
solid, steely, fruitlike, and crisp  $20

Golden Muscat (semi-sweet)
its mystique ripe fruity personality, culminates with ample boldness, finishes with a silky semi-sweetness     

Malavasia Bianca
aromas and flavors of honey and ripe Bosc pears    $18

Malvasia Bianca
(dry) NEW!
medium bodied with light tannins and hints of vanilla, a tropical fruit basket  $19

medium bodied, flavorful with dark aromatic red fruits, earthy, and rustic  $21

full bodied with a spicy or peppery taste, flavors of cherry, chocolate, and licorice

Merlot (very dry)
rich fruity flavor, backed by black cherry and cinnamon aromas weave smooth and supple for a light oak finish      $17

Cabernet Sauvignon (dry)
a full-bodied wine with flavors of black currants and cassis, a strong tannic finish     

Born in Space (semi sweet)
an aroma of strawberry and cherry, a light, crisp semi-sweet natural rose'   $19

chocolate and spice with a hint of oak, finishes with a sweet cherry flavor  

Zinfandel (very dry)
full bodied, with a smokey aroma and ripe raspberry flavor $17

Dolcetto (sweet - Port like taste)
A dessert wine with a delightful fruitiness reminiscent of a port $19

La Esperanza Vineyard Souvenir Wine Glasses          $5.00 each  

10% off a case, mix or match  (12 bottles per case)     

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